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We improve the quality of life of farmers and agricultural professionals by facilitating local agripreneurship development, improving food security and moving farmers towards farming as business.


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What is Ajaoko ABC

ABC stands for Agribusiness Cluster. It is an agribusiness model that is designed to help smallholders producing at small scale and local entrepreneurs, run agriculture as a profitable business venture by facilitating coordination and collaboration among the key players in various agricultural value chains and maximize the power of synergy to build a win-win condition for all actors.

Why Join ABC?


We understand that in agribusiness, no one is an island. You cannot be successful on your own. Joining Agribusiness Cluster will give you the leverage for the economy of scale thus reducing the cost of doing business and making more profit.


 Leveraging on the power of synergy of the Agribusiness Cluster, you will have seamless access to market and market information, affordable inputs, raw materials, tailor-made support and technical services to improve yield and maximze profit. 

Potato Agribusiness Cluster 

This cluster comprises of young potato farmers, distributors, input dealers and support services providers in three different local government area of Plateau state Nigeria.

Rice Agribusiness Cluster 

Everyone eat rice but not everyone can make money from rice. The rice agribusiness cluster is designed to bring rice farmers, traders, input suppliers, processors and transporters together. 

Cashew Agribusiness Cluster

Cashew nuts and pulp is a money mine for the stakeholders. The cashew agribusiness cluster bridges the gap between the farm gate and the international market to facilitate efficiency in the value chain

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