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About Us

How We Got Started

Two out of every five food we eat in Africa is produced by smallholders that are producing at a very small scale and working individually. They lack the capacity to run an efficient agribusiness, upscale production, maximize profit and improve their livelihood. 

Agribusiness Cluster (ABC) brings together all key players along a particular product value chain and facilitate a win-win partnership among them. ABC leverage on the power of synergy to provide access to market, inputs, raw materials and support service thus increasing yield, maximize profit and improve standard of living.

Our Mission

To improve the standard of living of farmers, food and agricultural professionals by contributing to the development of local agripreneurship development, improving food security and helping farmers farm as a business. 

Our Programs

Value Chain Analysis

We map and analyze the functioning of business relationships and actors networks in order to understand key business needs, innovation, and success factors to reach inclusive functioning of supply chains that create market value.

Facilitate win-win deal

Nobody can be successful on his own. We bring the right people along the value chain together and assist them to forge a mutually beneficial partnership. Thus, helping farmers and other stakeholders to earn more money and improve the living standard.

Building Trust

We recognize that trust is fundamental to establishing a sustanable business relationship between farmers, processors, input dealers, services and funds providers. We help to facilitate trust-building among the actors in the value chain.

Tailor-made Training

We provide intensive and comprehensive training on good agricultural practices, entrepreneurship and business development, business negotiation, fundraising, bookkeeping, financial analysis contract development etc.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners